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They are Coming

Alice Rosati (2023)

From anxiety-pitched fever dreams, to late night Reddit reading, conspiratorial fed fear and existential angst. They Are Coming collates the material produced over the course of a decade from both first and second-hand sources by Alice Rosati. The collected screenshots of ‘anxiety triggers’ introduce a reoccurring slime-like substance while doppelgängers layer and build momentum towards ominous cinematic landscapes, geological studies, meteor craters and observatories. Situated between fiction and speculation, internal and external dialogues narrate the reader towards extraterrestrial abduction.

The publication is printed twice: first in full colour CMYK and a blue shade of metallic. The sheets were passed back through the printing press once more for a second layer of metallic—overprinting the book with slime and Rosati’s doppelgängers.